I Have A Fixer House….Should I Call A Realtor or Hampden Homebuyers?

I Have A Fixer House….Should I Call A Realtor or Hampden Homebuyers?


It is generally everyone’s first inclination to contact a realtor whenever they have a property to sell… but in the case that you have a property that’s in need of minor TLC & updating to major renovations and repairs to sell its not always the best option. Realtors are simply representation for your property when you need to sell it, so it would make sense to choose them to represent a move in ready fully updated property……especially since most Realtors work only with buyers who are looking for that exact type of property. However when you have a house that needs repair and updating hiring a realtor to represent it may not always be the best option. If you do hire a realtor to represent a fixer property you can bet their first phone call is going to be to an individual or organization like Hampden Homebuyers to find out what they would pay for it. Or they will just list the property, put in on the MLS and wait for another realtor to contact a house buying company or private investor in hopes that they will want to purchase the property and they can just collect their commission check…..So since that is the truth of how this business really works, you can see why it would make sense to contact Hampden Homebuyers first when you have a fixer property to sell! There is just no need to find a realtor that you can actually get along with, sign a contract, follow their instructions to make the house as appealing as possible, and then sit back and hope that someone will bring you an offer for the property. Instead you can simply call Hampden Homebuyers and we will give you a cash offer for the property within 24 hours of viewing it….its that simple!

Hampden Homebuyers specializes in buying houses with cash in Western MA and the Springfield MA metro area and in “as is” condition. We will never require you to complete any repairs to the property… and in fact we would prefer that you did absolutely nothing! We renovate over 30 houses a year and because of that we are absolutely qualified to handle just about any types of issue your property might have. We deal with major renovation issues such as foundation replacement, floor plan re-configuration, wet basements, electrical & plumbing updating and the list goes on and on. We are also able to give you a fair and accurate cash price for your house within 24 hours and unlike many of our competitors we will follow through on our commitments. We are Springfields premier house buying company and we want to buy your fixer property!

Contact us today before you list your property and we can assure you that you will be happy that you did! Call us at 413-241-6859 or fill out our “sell your house fast form” to get the ball rolling.


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