New Springfield Rehab- Rhinebeck Ave House Flip

We picked up another nice rehab property in Springfield.

It seems like every winter /spring we get 1-2 properties with frozen pipes and some pretty bad water damage. The good thing is these are pretty straightforward rehabs… just gut out the damaged ceilings, walls and floors, and fix the busted plumbing.

The nice thing about these types of properties is that the sellers are usually pretty motivated to get rid of them. Most sellers realize that if the house sits for too long with all that water in there then the mold is gonna start growing fast…. and as soon as that mold sets in the price goes way down!!

Rhinebeck Ave is a really nice 4 bedroom 2 full bath cape located in an awesome neighborhood in Springfield. This cape already has a 60% dormer, so we don’t even have to worry about doing a dormer addition.

The exterior is pretty good, all we really have to do is new windows, powerwash, and maybe add a new garage door.

Inside we need to gut out all the water damaged sheetrock and floors, add a new kitchen, do 2 new baths, new flooring, fix the busted pipes, new sheetrock, open up the floorplan and add some new lighting.

Heres a look at the house:

84 Rhinebeck Ave

Rhinebeck Kitchen

Livng Room

Dining Area

First Floor Bath


Second Floor Bedroom

Second Floor Bathroom



The owner had been renting the house out for years and you can see that it was pretty dated and needed some rehab even without the burst pipes.

Ours guys have been working over there for a couple weeks and it’s almost finished. I’ll post some more pics of the progress of the job as we move forward.



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  1. Hey Matt,
    Great write-up. One of the things I like about these “wet” houses is that it’s a no brainer to add recessed lights in the rooms. When you have a rehab that is just cosmetic and your not opening the walls and ceiling it is a question about if it’s worth it to run cans in the rooms. The electrician will have to make holes, snake the wires both in the ceiling and in the wall to a switch. Then those holes have to be patched. If the ceiling has a texture then you have to match that as well. It can add to the cost pretty fast.
    If the ceiling and walls are already down your cost is greatly reduced. You pay for material (wire, switches, cans & lights) then additional time for the electrician, factor that at 20 minutes per can if the guy is really slow. Add a few seconds for sheetrock guys cut them in. There is no patching or matching existing textures. Like I said it is a no brainer to add the cans. Ladies love light and guys love cans!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Dominic Kirchner II

  2. Can the hardwoods be salvaged? Or did the water damage ruin them?

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