New Short Sale Deal – Chicopee

Here is the new short sale property that we picked up in Chicopee.

This is a 4 bedroom 1.5 bath cape with around 1,400 square feet. It’s located in a great neighborhood in Chicopee filled with similar starter homes.

It’s actually in pretty good shape and we plan on doing just a light cosmetic rehab; a quick fluff and buff. The exterior will be powerwashed, we’ll remove the ugly awnings and clean up the yard and landscaping.

Inside we’ll remove all the carpeting and shine up the hardwoods. We’ll patch and paint all the walls and ceilings, add new light fixtures,new ceiling fans, new switch plates and outlet covers.

We’re going to keep the existing cabinets and vanities, we’ll just dress them up with a little brushed nickel hardware.

Once all this work is complete…. it should only take a few days…. we’ll blow it out at a nice below market price to move it fast

Here are the before pictures for your enjoyment.

Chicopee MA short sale

Short Sale Chicopee



Half Bath

Full Bath

Living Room with Nasty Carpet


Neon Green Bedroom!!!!


Rear of House with Dormer

There it is… the classic New England Cape.

It already has the dormer off the back which is great. It makes the second floor so much more functional. We’ve got big bedrooms and a full bath on the second level.



In other news, we closed on our first tornado damaged house in Springfield.

Here it is:

Tornado damaged house Springfield MA


A really big tree came down on the whole right hand side of this tornado damaged home and took out the roof and most of the second floor of the house. I guess this is why they tell you to get in the basement when there are tornado warnings. Fortunately the house was vacant when the tree came through the roof.


We are working on buying a couple other tornado damaged houses in Springfield and Wilbraham.  The tornado damaged houses should be some pretty interesting projects so I’ll keep you updated on these.

Well that’s it for now.


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  1. Figures … leave it to the Sign Police to ruin some effective marketing. Do they ever give any reason as to why they don’t like them up (outside of “because I said so”)?

  2. Dominic Kirchner II says

    Hey Danny,
    I also wanted to add then when you use a banner be sure to check with the town/city you are planning on using them. Every time we use them we expect to get a call from the code enforcement people. They don’t like them up, especially in residential areas. We have even had to pay a few fines for not getting them down soon enough after the warning call. We still use them because we already have them but we hope to get a week or two before the code enforcement calls come in. I think this one got a call in the first couple of days. LOL!
    Thanks for reading.

  3. For some reason, that kitchen reminds me of an old pizza hut. 🙂

    I like your banner. Do you get many leads from it?

    • Hi Danny,

      Yeah, that ugly brick makes it look like an old pizza restaurant .

      The banners do work in getting leads and we’ve bought a couple houses from them.

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