Happy 4th and Agawam House Flip Video Update

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July filled with sun, fun and some great barbeque!!!!

We are cranking along on the rehab of our Cleveland St property in Agawam, MA… as a matter of fact it is pretty much complete and we’ll be looking to get it on the market shortly.

Have a look at the video update we did:

Here are some pics of the all the rehabbing action:

Cleveland St Agawam MA House Renovation

Kitchen in Progress. New 42 Inch Cabinets


Laying New Hardwood Floors


Bedrooms getting Painted Up


Well that’s it for now. We are looking at another busy week with the possibility of buying two new rehabs and selling two of our wholesale properties.

I’ll get some details up of these deals as things move along!


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  1. I love the 42 Inch Cabinets fellas! You used them on 130 Shady Side also … do you think you’ll end up using them on all your rehabs going forward?

    • Hi Zac,

      In order to use the 42’s we need to have high ceilings. This house has really high ceilings so we can make them work.

      The 42’s cost a bit more money too…. so we will probably still use the smaller sizes for most houses and top them off with a crown molding to add a nice finished look.

      Thanks for the comments!!

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