Another House with Burst Pipes!! – Agawam Rehab

Here’s another house that we picked up from the bank with some burst pipes, just like our 84 Rhinebeck Ave house.

It seems like every spring we score a couple of these rehabs.

You all know the story… owner moves out in Fall/Early winter…. bank doesn’t get in there to winterize the pipes…. come springtime once things thaw out a little you have water running down the ceilings and walls. If the house sits for a little while you start to get mold everywhere.

Fortunately we got to this house before the water damage was too bad and any mold could set in.

Our Agawam house is a two story colonial and all the damage happened to the first floor.

We are gonna be replacing all the water damaged walls and ceilings on the first floor. Redoing all the hardwood flooring that was damaged. We will be adding a new kitchen, redoing the half bath and a whole bunch of other nice upgrades and improvements.

The exterior of this house is in great condition, the roof is newer, the windows are new, and the siding is new…. so we barely have any work to do outside.

Here are some pics of this beauty:

Agawam MA rehab

Rear View


We got another pool with this house. We’ve filled in a number of these over the years because they were too far gone to salvage…. however this one was just installed in 2008 and seems to be in real good shape…. so I think we are finally gonna be able to save a pool here.


Living Room/Dining Room

Dining Room

First Floor Half Bath

Master Bedroom

Full Bath



Another Look at some of that Damage

The bank was really motivated to move this quickly before any further damage was done by the water and before some serious mold set in. We used this to our advantage, offering a very fast closing timeline, and this helped us to get the deal done.

For those of you who live down south where it is always warm, I feel bad that you will never be able to experience the joys of frozen pipes…. and the rush that comes with making a deal on these types of homes!!! 🙂

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  1. Matt, are you going to gut the kitchen and bathrooms and also open up the wall leading to the kitchen? How much is your rehab budget on the house? You’re doing a great job… I am highly motivated by your success in this business. Keep it up.

    • Hi Deen,

      We were hoping that we could save the existing cabinets, as they were in pretty good shape and had been replaced in 2004, but we have decided to go in with some new cabinets that fit better with the high ceilings in the house (we are installing new 42 inch upper cabinets that run to the ceiling).

      The downstairs bath is being redone however the second floor full bath is in great shape and we barely have to touch it.

      The main chimney is located behind the wall separating the kitchen, so we are not going to be able to remove that wall. We are going to be putting an island/breakfast bar off that wall within the kitchen, so we will make good use of it.

      Thanks for the comments and I’m glad we are motivating you 🙂

  2. Dennis Gross says

    True~~we (in Nashville, Tn.) don’t get the frozen pipe episodes as you do. However, get a water leak and extended hot weather in a closed up home, and mold is a BIG issue, too. It pays to have a good mold remediation contractor on board……lots of folks steer clear of these. Plus owner occupants most likely would not be able to get a loan with the tough underwriting requirements in place. As a REALTOR, I need to disclose water/mold conditions thoroughly, and I am sure you do as well.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Very true…. mold houses are everywhere and can present some great deals…. you just have to know how to do them right.

      I was joking about the frozen pipes….. it’s not very fun when they happen to one that we already own 🙁 , but it is nice to buy them!!

  3. Wow- what a diamond in the rough!

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