Flip This Ranch- New Property Update- 1892 Parker St

This is a new update on a property we started rehabbing back in January. I guess I’ve fallen a little behind with some of these houses.

1890 Parker St is a huge “sprawling ranch”. I like to call it an executive ranch, but some people don’t agree with me on that. We got this deal off one of our banners that we hang from our various rehabs.

This house was very dated and had a couple roof leaks, but overall was in fairly good condition compared to the properties we usually buy. The renovation plan is to really open up the floorplan by removing walls between the kitchen, dining room and living room. We will also do a new roof, some new siding, and all new windows throughout. The electrical turned into a bit of a problem. Alot of the wiring was done very half assed, and looked like the job of a “handy Home-owner”. There were buried junction boxes all over and exposed wires everywhere. So we are basically going to have to rewire the whole house, which we did not budget for. Other than that we will do a totally updated kitchen, two and a half new baths, fresh paint, some new sheetrock, new lighting and new flooring.

Here are some of the before pictures:

1890 Parker St

1890 Parker St Springfield MA

House for Sale Parker St

Parker St Springfield MA

We Buy Houses Springfield MA

Parker St Springfield with We Buy Houses Sign

Parker St House For Sale Springfield MA

Living Room with Walls marked to be Removed

Master Bedroom


Kitchen 2

Full Bath 1

Master Bath

Back Bedroom with Roof Leak

Finished Basement

This ranch is just under 2,000 square feet and it has 4-5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2 fireplaces and a finished basement.

So far it is coming along real nice. It should be finished within the next week or two, so I will post some updated photos and videos for you in the near future.


  1. hi Matt. i saw your video of this house on you tube and loved it. good luck on a successful flip. i am from Ohio but go to Massachusetts every few years to see my cousins (in Cohasset, best town ever).

    anyway i look up the house


    did you really buy it for only $8 grand?
    and did you really sell it for only $196 grand? i thought mass was a really expensive housing market

    • Hi Matt,

      We paid a lot more than $8,000 for this home… not sure where zillow got that info from. We did sell it for $196,000.

      Prices in MA are really expensive in the Boston area and the South Shore (where Cohasset is), but in the western part of the state where we are prices are much lower and more affordable.

      Thanks for checking out our videos and blog.

  2. ken johnston says

    Matt, I am looking to rehab a house in the near future for my wife and I. What is a good cost per square foot estimate in this area for a gut rehab? $30-50/sqft, 50-70/sqft…?

    • Hi Ken,

      $30 to $40 a square foot is a good price. It will vary depending on how much exterior work needs to be done and what sort of finishes you are using for the interior.


  3. Can’t wait to see the post-rehab pictures when it’s all done & staged!

  4. stephen j. moore says


    this sounds like a pretty big job that you kind of expected but also unexpected in which you hadnt budgeted for some wiring repairs ,how expensive is the wiring going to run you man?

    • Hi Stephen,

      The wiring is gonna cost us an extra $5k or so. We have to rewire most of the house and also add an extra sub panel.

      Not a pleasant surprise, but something that definetly has to be fixed.

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