Crazy Times in Real Estate + We’re on the News!!

So it’s been a very hectic 7-10 days. With the expiration of the first time buyer tax credit looming on the horizon, buyers have been out in droves trying to snatch up a home. We put quite a few finished properties on the market in anticipation of this rush and there’s been no shortage of action. Dominic’s phone has been ringing off the hook with agents wanting to set up showings, buyers wanting to see houses, and offers coming in. Heck, it looks like we may even be selling an REO we just bought last week, that isn’t even halfway done, to a first time buyer determined to buy one of our finished homes…….

Which brings me to an interesting phenomenon that we have noticed lately. Several buyers have come to us and said they want to buy one of our finished homes, and no one else’s. Typically they will look at one of our properties or see some pictures online, they will instantly fall in love with the finish work and they will have an epiphany… they say to themselves “These guys houses are head and shoulders above the rest of the rehabbed junk that’s on the market…. and I only want to buy from them.” At least that’s what I think they say 🙂

In other news, we bought another house today. A short sale in Chicopee MA that is going to be a pretty sweet deal. It wasn’t with Bank of America so it didn’t take over a year to get done. It actually was pretty quick, maybe about four months, which is good for a short sale. I’ll post more details about this property in a separate post.

Now on to the most exciting news of the day. We’re going to be on the News!!! We met with the very talented Jennifer Thome today of CBS 3 Springfield, she is doing a story on Hampden Homebuyers and the renovation we are doing of the Historic Home on Bowdoin St. We spent several hours at Bowdoin St today with Jen, doing interviews and walking through the property. She even interviewed our contractor Jason, here are the pictures;

Smile for the Camera!!!!

Jason's a natural with the Microphone

Notice how he’s sitting down during the interview, what’s up with that?? I think he’s getting a little lazy on us 🙂

So anyway, the story is suppose to air next Thursday on the 6 PM and 11 PM news here in Springfield on CBS. I don’t know how long it will be, maybe only 30 seconds.. maybe a couple minutes…. but it is good publicity for the house and our company. Plus we can use it as a credibility builder going forward, when we meet with sellers, lenders, other media outlets, etc…… I don’t usually watch the news because it’s usually filled with negative stories and doom and gloom, but I’ll have to make an exception here.

Well that’s it for tonight, we’ve got a lot of new properties I need to write about, but that will have to wait for another day.


  1. That is exactly how we re building our flipping rep. We want people to instantaneously think, that when they see our logo on a flip, they know it is a quality rehab! Awesome post

  2. That is awesome that they want your houses! You guys do fantastic work.

    You should look into some interior decorating with, well, photos..nature,wildlife, florals, etc. Hmmm, wonder where you could get those? 😉

  3. This is fabulous, not only for you guys, but also for investors/redevelopers in general. It’s about time the news featured a story of investors/redevelopers as positive, reputable and worthy of doing business with instead of talking about scams. I’d like to see more news stories like this. Great job guys!

    • Hi Lisa,

      We’d like to get more stories like this done. We were in the Republican last year…. they wrote a good story about our company.

      Now we have this news story, I’m not sure what direction they are going to take it, but it should be good.


  4. As much as it’s awesome to get free publicity from being interviewed on the news, I was more excited to read how people are seeing your work and making it a point to hunt you down and say they want to buy one of your future homes. That would have put me on a high like nothing else.

    Keep up the great work Matt!

    • Thanks Scott,

      We work hard to make our finished properties Top Notch, so it is rewarding to know people appreciate that.


  5. Matt Feato says

    Nicely done guys. Doing the work right pays off nicely…(plus I can imagine someone seeing a freshly remodeled home; how would they NOT want to buy it…)

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