17 Bessemer St

Today we closed on the fire damaged Cape that I referenced in a previous post. This house is really nasty. Here is the newscast video from the fire:

The dogs are still in the basement, we have the Humane Society coming over to remove them and give them a proper burial. The plumbing in the house was not working … so the toilet is absolutely disgusting, overflowing with waste. Once the firefighters went inside the house and saw how nasty it was the city condemned it.  Maybe I’ll post some pictures when I get a chance. The rehab on this house should cost $55k-$60k. We are going to be adding a full dormer to the second level, which will give us two very large bedrooms and room for a second full bath. It will need all new windows, new vinyl siding, a new roof, new furnace, new plumbing, new kitchen, new bath, some new electric, and a new water heater.  This house is in an awesome neighborhood so once the work is complete it should be an easy resale.


  1. Wow. That’s a shame about the dogs. I’m glad the Humane Society will be able to help.

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