Tips for Selling a Home in the Winter

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While the winter time is a bit slower when it comes to selling houses, there are still buyers out there looking.

The winter weather in the northern states presents a whole new set of challenges when it comes to house flipping, here are some tips I found when it comes to selling your homes during the winter months;


The winter weather hasn’t been too kind to us here lately in Massachusetts. We got a huge snowstorm last week and have had snow and ice all this week.

Heres my car after almost 2 feet of snow fell:


You folks in the warmer climates don’t really have to worry too much about the snow and ice, but I’m sure the heat brings about it’s own set of challenges.

Leave a comment below if you have any good tips for selling houses during these cold, dark winter months.


  1. To drive more traffic offer a free vacation to San Diego!
    Nice job on you projects

    • I think anyone in New England would jump at the opportunity right now with all the snow we’ve got!

      We’re gonna need a tour guide for the winner… are you busy? Lol

  2. Keep the heat on and water running; nothing says, “We’ll be here until Spring,” like a house that’s shut down. Keep the driveway plowed and timed lights on in the house at night if it’s a 2nd home where you don’t actually live. People driving the neighborhood at night will notice your home before the others in the neighborhood if it looks warm and inviting from the street. Take down any Christmas decorations now (mid-Jan) and have your Realtor stock the home w/snacks for people who visit. They’ll remember your home when it’s time to make an offer!

  3. Great job guys! I’ve been following your site for a few months now while I was building my team of experts for my company.. I’m a newbie investor.. I just aquired my first property where I live in the west suburbs of Chicago and will be starting the rehab in the next week or two… Thank you for this site! It’s been a huge inspiration tor me.. I’ve learned so much! I also like the materials you use on your rehabs.. Any chance you can email me a Scope of Work with the same finish materials? Hey, that picture of your car with all the snow on it looks all to familiar!! Thanks guys


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