Renovated Home For Sale – Chicopee, 158 Mount Vernon Rd

Here is another incredible renovation completed by the team at Hampden Homebuyers.

We bought this house in Chicopee and turned it out! This little two bedroom gem was fully renovated with a new kitchen, new bathroom, open floor plan, new flooring, fresh paint inside and out along with many other spectacular upgrades.

This is another cozy, cute, quaint home that we have renovated, similar to our 115 South St condo in Chicopee, tipping the scales at just over 700 square feet. There is a good market for these smaller properties, and most other investors and rehabbers shy away from these homes, but if you do a quality renovation your property will be at the top of the list of prospective buyers without much competition.


Take a look at the before pictures. You can see that the house was pretty dated and had been neglected over the years.  (Make Sure to Click on thumbnail for the Gallery View to get the Full Effect!!!)



The seller of this Chicopee home was not living there anymore and just wanted to sell it fast without having to sit on it or do any repairs. We bought the house quickly for cash and gave them an “as-is” sale. They were ecstatic!!


Here is a look at the finished home with the renovations complete; Be sure to click on the small photos to open the Gallery View and get the Full Effect!!!


Wow, another amazing renovation!!

This gorgeous Chicopee Home is on the market and for sale. So don’t wait or it will be gone!




A few facts about and in Springfield and Chicopee:

We buy houses in Springfield, MA. Right here; we’ll even show you how we do it.
We buy houses in Chicopee, Hoyloke, Agawam and Ludlow MA, no matter how ugly the house is. Ugly is good from a buyer’s point of view. Ugly house is another expression for “this home has potential”. Fixer-upper? Sure, we buy these ugly homes “as-is”, clean them up nice, and sell them for a profit.
We buy houses for cash in Springfield, MA, no matter how ugly the house is. So, if you want to sell your house fast in Springfield, Chicopee, South Hadley or Holyoke, point your browser at – or, give us a call at 413-248-SELL and sell your house fast, because we pay cash!



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  1. Looks good! What did it look like before renovation.
    Looks like the home is all new. There is always a good market for such type of beautiful houses. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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