Greendale Project Complete

The renovation of our Greendale Ave property is complete.

We did some pretty significant improvements to this property including a new roof, new siding, new boiler, new kitchen, update the bath, new flooring, new lighting, adding closets to all the bedrooms, and even a new water line coming in from the street.

For Sale 46 Greendale Ave

Greendale Ave Rehab Complete

On the exterior we did our favorite tan siding with black raised panel shutters and a black front door. We did all new landscaping out front using red mulch to add a splash of color.

Greendale Ave House For Sale

We did add all new gutters and downspouts to the home as well. It’s a pretty significant improvement over what we started with.

46 Greendale Ave Worcester MA

Greendale Ave Worcester For Sale

Here is a look at the inside;

New Kitchen

Dark Cabinets. Cashmere White Granite

Granite Counters. Tile Backsplash

French Door Fridge

Gorgeous Kitchen


We used a darker cabinet in this home and it came out looking great. We’ve got these same cabinets going in a few other houses and the feedback I’ve gotten on them has been very positive.

As usual we did a real nice tile backsplash. We also used a lighter white granite to give some contrast to the dark cabinets.

The appliances are a GE package, full stainless and they are real nice.

WOrcester House For Sale

Living Room

Living Room






New Boiler

One more look at that Kitchen

So this project came out pretty sweet looking! I like the nice opening between the kitchen and living room.

In total this home now has 4 bedrooms and 1 full bath. It’s in a great neighborhood on a dead end street. We’ve got it on the market now and I’m thinking it should go fast!

What do you think? Are you digging the new look with the dark cabinets and light granite?


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  1. Beautiful photos, something for all of us to strive towards for sure.

    Quick question, do you utilize staging companies for most of your properties? I recently experimented with a staging company, and although it is another expense incurred, I think it definitely helped to sell the property.

    Just wondering, no rush on a response!

    Nice work and thanks for posting,


  2. Does the supplier ship to Boston? If you don’t mind sharing, what are you paying for cabinets for a typical sized kitchen?

    By the way, I went to undergrad at Springfield College. Reading about the area’s your buying in is bringing back memories.

    • Hi Justin,

      I think our cabinet supplier will ship to Boston. He is out of Springfield but has shipped cabinets to Worcester for us a couple times. I can get you his info and you can talk to him.

      Springfield College has a beautiful campus. We don’t do too much work in the immediate area around the campus as those ‘hoods are a little rough. We tend to do a lot more work around the WNEC campus. There are a lot of good rental opportunities in these areas.

  3. Great job on the rehab! I really like the dark cabinets/light granite look. I just finished a rehab with cherry cabinets and light granite and have recieved a lot of positive feedback. Where are you buying your cabinets and appliances?

    • Hi Justin,

      Thanks for the comments.

      We get our cabinets from a local supplier here in Springfield. All our appliances come from Lowes.

      We do cherry cabinets but we go with the darker Uba Tuba granite. Might have to try the lighter granite with those as well.

  4. Why didn’t you get rid of the chain link fence? It makes the property look shoddy from the start. Curb appeal ended at the edge of the house….needs to keep going to the curb.

    • Hi Greg,

      We went back and forth on the fence a bit, but in the end we decided to keep it.

      With this being a first time buyer property, chances are our buyers would either have young kids or a dog. Having a fully fenced in yard is very appealing to this category of buyer.

  5. Wow!!! Great job!!! Love the interior!!!

  6. Those interior shots make the place look very spacious. I love the hardwoods! The dark cabinets set the kitchen off. Well done.

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